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Testimonials from Sales Managers

"Not only could I see a major improvement in the others and myself, but we've seen a drastic change in the attitudes and sales of the people we sent. Ted and Carolyn have increased their income over 30%, and Ted broke the company sales record last month. I am confident that it was the result of taking The Leaders Course. Obviously, I highly recommend the program to any person or company who is trying to increase their sales, efficiency and enthusiasm."

--Robert Harris,

"The class has been well worth the time spent by our folks. Our people now have the confidence to speak confidently in front of any group - strangers or friends! It has been a pleasure seeing the results. Thank you!"

--Gayle Corley, Allied Digital

"Leaders are not born, they are made. This course helps everyone develop the hidden leader inside."

--Carol Radu, Kitchen Magic, Inc.

"The program helps our people grow personally and professionally. Please continue your endeavors - they have significantly impacted us."

--Britton Harshaw, Micro-Accounting Systems

"Great course. It definitely increases confidence. I am actually looking forward to having the opportunity to speak more!"

--Susan Harris, JC Penney Direct Marketing

"Increased confidence and control of anxiety while speaking to groups. I have accomplished both with this course."

--William Holden, Netopia, Inc.

"I couldn't imagine taking any other course and feeling as comfortable as we felt here."

--Sondra Bradley, Cornerstone Marketing

"This is a great course. The speaking, memory and human relation principles are very helpful. I will continue to recommend this class to people."

--Craig Ferris, Beckett Publishing

"Builds on your strengths as a speaker and a leader. I think this course would also be an excellent opportunity for individuals who are promoted into a management position."

--George Athens, TDIndustries, Inc.

"This course allowed us to step out of our comfort zone into a whole NEW world of growth. The weekly application of the human relation principles and sharing the applications was very effective and kept the course with me on a daily basis."

--Debra Bradley, KZPS 92.5 FM

"I hope that all those I speak to about this course will take the initiative and enroll. This was time well invested."

--Leslie Jaeger, GTE

"Finding time to take the course was my most difficult stumbling block, but knowing now how much I have gained, I wish I would have gotten involved in the course much sooner. Thanks again for all the benefits."

--Bruce Thompson, Armorall

"Thanks for helping our people grow. The course is a tremendous addition to our product and industry training."

--Jim Davis, Affirm Medical & Cintas Uniform

"I strongly believe that after taking the class I am a better person. My job is easier to do. Most importantly, I'm a better father and husband. The course has strengthened my communication skills. Thanks."

--Steve Carlson, Netscape

"Learning your principles of leadership can have immediate business results. It did for me. Thanks for the encouragement and support you provided."

--Lee Baggett, Armstrong Ceiling, World Ind.

"I gained a better working relationship witht other department managers, as well as with salesmen that report to me."

--Tony Hurd, Freightliner


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