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Texas State Board of Social Worker Examinars

Testimonials from Healthcare Professionals

"Thanks for helping me grow and to start a new journey of self-confidence. I am no longer just a witness to other people's success."

Joe Alexander, Scottish Rite Hospital

"The course gave me many valuable tools to use in life. I did not believe in the beginning that I could have made so much progress in just five weeks and that at the end I would truly feel comfortable with speaking and leading large groups, but I do and it was great fun. This course has also increased my ability to deal more effectively with my staff. You have helped me in areas where I was not even aware that I was lacking. This course is a must for anyone in a management position or who deals with the public, or for anyone who really wants to get ahead. Thanks again for the contribution to my life."

Steve F. Craig, D.D.S.

"This class instills in you the feeling of the importance of the 'message' and overwhelms any self-conscious feelings of the 'messenger!' This in turn greatly enhances your ability to get your point across to any audience."

Michael Norman, D.C.

"I really gained more confidence in myself. I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to speak to a group - I never thought I'd say that!"

Veronica Roth, U.T. Southwestern Medical Center

"The class increased my self-confidence for addressing groups, but more importantly, for communicating my thoughts in general. I learned how to set aside self-consciousness in order to communicate with greater spontaneity the message that was truly my focus. I also learned to see the audience as individuals like myself."

Perry Pate, M.D., St. Paul Medical Center

"The course opens up new avenue of thinking and feeling. It also gave me the steps for building a more pro-active team! Thanks!"

Greg Johnson, Scottish Rite Hospital

"I used to feel that I was about to have a heart attack before I spoke. That's so much better now. The course has helped me enormously with organizing my thoughts quickly and articulating my words concisely. Professionally, it has helped me deal with difficulties at work a lot better by taking more time to listen and address the specific concern."

Heather Lucker, Tenant Healthcare

"This course will help you see yourself in a more positive way and remove some inaccurate views we all have of our potential."

Melissa Spence, MEGH Hospital Alternatives

"You can only go upward in this class and in your career!" Great program. The instructors truly connected to everyone in the class."

Murril Schulte, M.D.

"This is way more than just a speaking course. It makes you a better speaker, but also a better person."

Susan Ellis, NYLCare Health Plans

"Thank you! What a phenomenal help! I enjoyed the sessions so much. You've helped me give people messages that effect their whole being, not just their nutritional needs. I appreciate all your help. You have my permission to use my name as a reference anytime you want.

Georgia Kostas M.P.H., R.D., The Cooper Clinic

"I've learned the importance of presenting yourself confidently even if it's just one on one, and how to share information about yourself to make interaction possible. Your methods allowed all of us to grow and give the perception of a leader that shines and is solid."

Steve Davis, M.D.

"Great fun along with learning important methods for interacting confidently with groups or individuals. I really shifted my energy in getting up in front to lead a group. Now I can focus on the message and the audience, instead of all on me. This is a course I will never forget and I will refer my associates and friends."

Dale W. Greer, D.D.S.

"The ability to be myself in front of a group! I was so nervous to even think about speaking in public; before I would lose my train of thought and get flustered if I even had to give a simple announcement. I have had successes and positive feedback since your class, because I feel much more at ease and effective. Now I am prepared to lead."

Mary M. Struble, D.D.S.

"I have attended The Leaders Course, The Dale Carnegie Course, and Toastmasters in the course of doing research on overcoming the fear of public speaking. I found The Leaders Course to be the most effective of the three. I think this is because of their gentle ability to lead people as opposed to less comfortable methods. I tested 22 of The Leaders Course participants in my class before and after the course. All members showed dramatic improvement in their ability to speak to groups, and more willingness to assume more leadership roles. Additionally, given that most people do not want to spend weeks and weeks getting over the fear of public speaking, The Leaders Course offers the fastest method by which to conquer this fear and gain the confidence it demands."

R.Clark Vinson, LMSW -ACP, Phobia Center of Dallas/Ft.Worth

"Energy! Leadership skills! Meeting ideas! Memory skills! Great course. It was everything I thought and hoped it would be. Thanks!

Deborah Lynons, VHA, Inc.

"Although, I took it more for the satisfaction of my manager & director, I feel I have come away with a lot more than expected and am happy I invested the time and effort."

Lilly Tijerira, VHA, Inc.

"This course has enabled me to do things I would never have done otherwise. This has been an excellent experience for me."

Suzanne Singer, VHA, Inc.

"I am amazed at the amount of confidence that I have gained in myself. Confidence reduces stress. The human relationship principles taught here make us realize what we already know, but need to apply."

Traci Gotcher, VHA, Inc.

"Outstanding! Well worth your time. The self-confidence gained in this will definitely help me succeed; not only in business, but life in general. Thanks for the support, leadership, and the push to soar!"

David Crites, VHA, Inc.

"A Big Boost in self-confidence along with areas to work on, on a daily basis. This course has improved my chances of future growth within my workplace and personal horizons. Communication, providing feedback and delivering on promises were the key areas I've improved, along with impromptu speaking skills."

Thomas Mattila, VHA, Inc.

"I cannot say enough great things about this course, but I'll try. It helped me refocus on others and take the pressure off of myself. I have enhanced my memory skills. Using your common sense methods, I was able to challenge my fears and defeat them, which allowed me to communicate my knowledge better."

Troy Kirchenbauer, VHA, Inc.

"I enjoyed watching the growth in all the individuals and myself. I believe that if we just read your gold card principles every morning before we went out, we would become more accomplished. I would recommend this to others with great pride knowing that their experience would be positive as well."

Glenda Bradstock, D.C.

"The support has been tremendous and the encouragement invaluable to our future growth. I appreciate the opportunities this course provided and I would recommend the Leaders Course to anyone."

Jack Nunn, D.C.


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