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Testimonials from Engineers

I got the ability to communicate in a non-threatening manner in situations that are confrontational.

-Robert A. Procsel

The most important things I got out of the course was the value of giving appreciation for a job well done and to remember to say thank you and mean it.

--Don Miller

Great course! Presentation skills helped me earn a promotion to director.

--Bret Robertson

The course helped me in many ways. One of which was to be a better listener. Not only at work, but also in all aspects of life.

-Charlie Teaman

We grew in areas where fear had prevented us from growing. Nothing is beyond our grasp if we only have the courage to reach for it. Thanks.

--Philip Waltrip

This course does an outstanding job of forcing you into action and makes the material a part of your life rather than just something you read and think about, but never ever try.

-Dan Hicks

The class gave me a confidence and motivation in facing everyday challenges that life at work and at home may present.

-Mansour Jannati

I feel I am now able to meet and speak to others with new confidence. This course provides proven communication skills and you have fun learning.

--Dolores Daniels

I use the tools to get my point across and maintain audience attention. Great program!

---Sogand Shodja

I got comfortable in front of groups. I learned the importance of communicating respect to everyone, no matter what their position, dress, etc. I got a good understanding of what I needed to succeed.

--Joe Aizpuru


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