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Testimonials from Architects

"This course provided me with a forum in which to practice getting comfortable communicating with groups. One thing I did not expect was to learn from other people as you see them develop."

- James Flick, Wilson & Associates

"Initially I thought this class would be just giving prepared speeches. What a surprise. The course touches on several different aspects of day to day business dealings in a unique way. You got me to think with each successive week."

- Kyle Bacon, SHW Architect Group

"This course put a level of confidence in me that was well beyond my expectations. Thanks."

- Sean Fuller, D & E Architects

"When speaking in public, I can now think of the message not of what people think about the way I am speaking. Confidence all around while working with people."

- Rafael Amuchastegui, Wilson & Associates

"Liked the friendly environment. The constructive criticism was very positive. Practice makes perfect."

- Michelle Wong, The Beck Group

"I really liked the course setup in that you recall incidents you lived. This allows very nervous people to concentrate on the principles that are being taught."

- Mike Elmore, SHW Architect Group

"First of all, when you come to class you don't get a lecture. You find carefully structured activities are FUN and interesting. I feel much more confident and at ease in day to day situations."

- Hans Hertner, D & E Architects

"Great instruction. You make it feel very comfortable and easy to connect."

- Gaila Barnett, The Beck Group

"I thought if I could learn as much as my friend did, I'd get my money's worth. Let me tell you I feel like a robber because I got a steal!"

- Dallas Brand, R.T.K.L. Architects

"I would recommend this class to every person in my office. Everyone, no matter how much experience they have could learn something from this course."

- Lisa Lamkin, BRW Architects, Inc.

"Now I know there is a better way for instructing people to be their best. Now I know there is a better and more effective way and that is to lead people to be their best."

- James Worsham, The Beck Group

"Made me a stronger presenter by allowing me to understand some basic steps-and great positive feedback from the class."

- Young Chung, The Beck Group


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