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Texas Society of CPAs

Testimonials from Accountants

"The only course I've taken in my 12 years of management experience that allows the practical application of leadership skills. I highly recommend this course to anyone who truly wants to develop communication and leadership skills, regardless of their experience level."

Debbie Tull, TXU Gas

"I will always respect myself for the courage that I demonstrated in facing my biggest fear and winning."

Keith Kelson, Deloitte Touche

"I learned more about effective communications in this four week course than I did in three years of graduate school."

Debra Bradley, Price Waterhouse

"This course provides a necessary "skills-training" in communication, creativity, and confidence-building."

Dwayne Cooper, Zales Corporation

"Marketing in the 90's will belong to those who have the skills and confidence to make an effective presentation to groups."

David A. Peters, David Peters & Associates

"I learned 1) how to be prepared when speaking 2) communicate more effectively to groups 3) listen, understand and be understood 4) how to relax to reduce fear."

Yash Parmer, American Airlines

"I learned valuable leadership skills and in the process how to conquer my fear of speaking."

Steve Caron, The Paragon Group

"The class offers people principles that can help anyone deal with people better."

Todd Proctor, E Y Kenneth Leventhal

"It's the most rewarding and fun CPE I've had!"

Connie Lux ProNet Inc.

"The course forces you to rethink old methods or habits. Very worthwhile."

Richard Sudderth, Paragon Group

"This course gives us the courage and know how to effectively communicate and help others."

Mike Clarke, CPA

"I now have the tools and the courage to use those tools daily to become a leader."

Cheryl Ribble, ComTech Corporation

"I have really gained a lot of self-confidence in being able to get up in front of people and present my thoughts and ideas."

Elmer Cudly, Honeywell

"A very positive step towards overcoming fear of speaking."

Kenna Rosen, CPA

"This course has been the most important step I've taken to becoming wealthy, both financially and mentally."

Bill Lux, CPA

"Quantum leaps were achieved in my eloquence and effectiveness in speaking."

Harry Olson, CPA

"Principles that can be put to use everyday in all aspects of interacting with others."

Robert Bodner, Spaghetti Warehouse

"The Leaders Course is fun, motivating, confidence building and very helpful and applicable in everyday life. You will learn how to remember names, how to master looking poised and how to think on your feet, plus much more about human relations."

Robin Hutchinson, Texas Society of CPAs


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