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Because So Much is Riding on Your Relationships!

People PrinciplesHow important are your relationships? Most people would agree that relationships are the bedrock foundation of their business. But some people just don’t get it! They don’t get how other people get along and work well with others while they are sometimes labeled as difficult or hard-to-deal-with.

People Principles™ 40 business-card size cards. Stored in a desktop display that serves as a convenient reminder and resource for how to get along and improve relationships with co-workers, customers and family members.

A set of People Principles™ on every desk raises awareness and supplies solutions for two of the biggest problems in any business: COMMUNICATIONS and PEOPLE PROBLEMS.

The result is More Cooperation, Reduced Conflicts, and Improved Morale. Better communications carry-over to a happier home life and a more productive worker.

The tools we all need – available at our fingertips for daily application. GET IT NOW! to reinforce best practices and forge even stronger relationships.

Only $9.95

Save even more with these quantity discounts:

1-6 $9.95/each
7-19 $9.50/each
20+ $9.00/each


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