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On-Site Class

Leading companies often form on-site classes composed of their managers and key individuals from outside the company, like people they communicate with regularly as vendors, suppliers, customers and trade partners. With a minimum of twenty enrollments, (twenty-two outside of Texas) all travel expenses will be paid for by Ken Bradford.

Here is a Letter (sample) used by companies to form an on-site class. My office can also supply you with a four-color custom brochure with specifics like course objectives, local dates, times, location, etc. Also available as an email PDF brochure. No charge for printed brochure or PDF flyer with your information enclosed.

All sessions are taught by Ken Bradford, author and founder of The Leaders Course®. Pick a date and we'll help you pull-together an outstanding training experience for your team!

Questions? Please give me a call at 972-814-5758.

Ken Bradford

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