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Ken BradfordAbout the Instructor

The instructor makes the difference. If you are looking for someone who speaks from personal examples, challenges and motivates participants to go beyond what they believe possible, then you want to hire Ken Bradford.

If you want instruction devoid of ego, where the majority of time is invested in person centered practice and feedback, then you want to hire Ken Bradford.

When you want a highly engaged, stimulating atmosphere of learning and self-discovery, look to Ken Bradford, author of the best selling book, Fearless & Persuasive Speaking, a communication guide for leaders, to fill that need.

Graduates stem from over half of the Fortune 500 companies as well as thousands of individuals and small-business executives.

Dennis Byers, CFO Los Colinas Landscape
“Watching Ken teach is like watching a master in action.”

Bennie Karnes, President, Centex Homes
“He has the gift of putting people in a comfortable, relaxed state – the perfect environment for receiving and retaining training.”

Dennis McCuistion of the award winning PBS Television show, The McCuistion Hour
“A coach that can move you up to the next level, no matter where you are today.”

Dave Peterson, Ball Construction Services
“It improves individual communication skills and fosters better human relations. Great program for our chapter.”

Continuous classes across the nation since 1992.

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