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Create More Leaders

Who can...
  • Get more done, get it done quicker and get it done with more people on their side, because they can speak clearly and effectively
  • Attract people to their ideas and build a sense of teamwork
  • Listen well and handle difficult situations
  • Be efficient with time, especially in meetings
  • Show respect for everyone
  • Be enthusiastic about achieving goals and helping others
  • Gain rapport and build long-term relationships

Create a “Company of Leaders”

“Leaders don’t create more followers, they create more leaders.”
– Tom Peters

Unlike the old economy's authoritarian style of "lead from the top down," the company-of-leaders philosophy believes in having leaders at all levels and in all functions of the organization.

And different from the old hierarchy's belief of "the boss has all the answers," the company-of-leaders approach emphasizes all employees being lifelong learners and embracing the fact that school is never really 'out' for the true professional, especially when it comes to quality and satisfying customers.

And finally, if the old economy's view of labor was "just another pair of hands" today's employers view a pool of talent that owes little loyalty to organizations that provide mostly lip service to personal development and an individual's life goals.

Create the Most and Best Leaders

Increasingly, the winning culture is one that places high value on customers, employees, innovation, and quality. While doing so, they also pay attention to the number one job of the leader: Make more leaders. Remember: the companies with the most and best leaders win.

Thomas J. Watson, Jr., IBM
“The real difference between success and failure in an organization can very often be traced to the question of how well the organization brings out the great energies and talents of its people.” 

Jody Vowell, President, Comfort Systems USA
“I really enjoyed the class and will walk away with new tools that improve my relationships both personally and professionally – from remembering names to having more confidence speaking in front of groups, this was a great value for me.”

Companies wanting their own leadership in-house seminar may sponsor a class. Minimum participants is 10, maximum 20. Often, firms nominate the majority of classmembers from their ranks and invite vendors and suppliers to send their key people to train with them.

Group price includes 20 hours instruction, all class member materials, and instructor's travel expenses.

Advantages include discounted tuition, convenient location, professional development, a morale boast and additional self-confidence for work and life.

“If my people fail I can not succeed,
But if my people succeed I can not fail.”

– von Goethe

TDIndustries, Dallas, TX

Comfort Systems

Metro Power, Albany, GA

Hunt Construction Group, Dallas, TX
Penco Electrical Contractors, Morrow Georgia

W W Webber, Arlington, Texas

Rick Allen Construction Augusta, Georgia

Macon Power, Macon, Georgia
The Beck Group, Dallas, Texas

The Beck Group, Dallas, Texas

The Beck Group, Dallas, Texas

The Beck Group, Tampa, Florida

McCrory - Hood Construction, Columbia, SC

W.W. Webber, Houston

Bartlett Cocke, San Antonio, Texas

TEXO, Dallas, Texas

Discuss scheduling classes at your location.
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